True Wealth of Nations Conference at USC 2012

The Institute gathered theologians, historians, and sociologists for four days of conversation on the next phase of the True Wealth of Nations project, which addresses the moral aspects of market relationships. Organized by Dan Finn and Paul Caron, the seminar was moderated by Fr. Heft. This lively seminar included several guests who are supporters of the Institute. Julie and Tom Condon hosted a lovely closing dinner for the participants at their home.


All participants at Tom and Julie Condon’s home

Back row: Fr. John Coleman, S.J. (University of San Francisco), Paul Caron, Julie Condon, Tom Condon, Brian Matz (Carroll College), Doug Porpora (Drexel University), Fr. James Heft, S.M. (IACS) Middle row: Thomas Ogletree (Yale University), Mary Hirschfeld (Villanova University), Gary Adler (IACS), Margaret Archer (Ècole Polytechnique Fèdèrale De Lausanne)  Front row: Fr. Albino Barerra, O.P. (Providence University), Christina Traina (Northwestern University), Dan Finn (College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s University), Fr. Paul Appiah (Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, the Vatican)