The core mission of the Institute is to support research on the meaning, depth and breadth of the Catholic intellectual and spiritual traditions through sustained conversations with scholars in all the disciplines, from all religions or none, and any other thinkers who desire to study Catholicism. Here are the latest research developments:

A Major Conference Planned
In February 2015, the Institute is hosting a national, public conference to which you are invited: “The Future of the Catholic Literary Imagination.” Headliner plenary speakers include Julia Alvarez, Ron Hansen, Alice McDermott, Tobias Wolff, and Kevin Starr. Panels, workshops, and readings are included. Visit for more information and to register.

A Book Coming Out in 2015
Oxford University Press is in the final editing stages of Secularism, Catholicism, and the Future of Public Life: A Dialogue with Ambassador Douglas W. Kmiec. This volume offers a fresh dialogue about the roles and responsibilities of Catholic persons in democratic public life, with a lead essay by U.S. Ambassador (ret.) and Pepperdine law professor Doug Kmiec and a foreword by J. Bryan Hehir

A Discipline-Spanning Seminar
In June, the True Wealth of Nations Project hosted a seminar on integrating social science theory and evidence into the concept of the common good, to become the next book in its series. Participants included Mary Jo Bane (Harvard), Michael Blim (CUNY), Matthew Carnes, SJ (Georgetown University), Mary Hirschfeld (Villanova University), David Hollenbach, SJ (Boston College) Douglas Porpora (Drexel University), Gerardo Sanchis (Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina), Charles Wilber (University of Notre Dame) and Andrew Yuengert (Pepperdine University).

A New Research Project
In October, the Institute gathered submissions for participation in a seminar and edited volume that will revitalize the scholarly study of Catholic parishes in order to renew parish vitality. The American Parish Project is co-led by Gary Adler (IACS), Tricia Bruce (Maryville College) and Brian Starks (Kennesaw State University).For more information, visit

Papers and Presentations
In October
, Judith Dupré, will present on “The Virgin Mary, Magnified,” an illustrated talk and discussion with USC historiam Lisa Bitel and Claremont religious scholar Ruqayya Khan

In September, Fr. Peter Phan of Georgetown University spoke on “Pope Francis and a New Era of Catholicism.”

In July, writers in the Generations in Dialogue met with Gregory Wolfe and Richard Rodriguez at the Mercy Center retreat house in California.