Race, Faith and Violence: Learning From 3 Religions

What in the world is going on these days? The images, the headlines, the news reports and political stump speeches would have us believe the worst about one another. But how accurate is this portrayal? What can we learn from one another? And how can this deeper understanding help create a more peaceful, just future?

Gaining this level of understanding can’t happen in the context of a single conversation, a single essay or article or speech. What is required is a deep, extended, and fearless examination and a genuine desire to come together.

That’s why the USC Caruso Catholic Center and the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at USC have brought three of the most respected scholars working in these areas today to lead the USC community and beyond in a semester-long exploration of the impact of religions on world events, and the historic and contemporary theologies that underpin the three western religions.

Rabbi Reuven Firestone, Amir Hussain and Pim Valkenberg will spend the Fall 2016 semester at USC engaging students, artists, colleagues, writers, politicians and the larger community in a lively, thoughtful and thought-provoking series of conversations and presentations on the subjects of “Race, Faith & Violence” in the world today.