Brian Volck

New Generations in Dialogue Participant

Brian Volck, M.D., M.F.A.

Assistant Professor, Division of Hospital Medicine
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

“I’m a general pediatrician who writes, looking to reverse that order so the writing, at long last, comes first. While this will likely make me the oldest person in the cohort, I’m early in my career as a writer. Over the years, I’ve lived and worked as a pediatrician on the Navajo reservation, at an inner-city community health center, and in a major teaching hospital. In my non-fiction and poetry, I try to describe the world from the intersection of reason and faith, grace and nature, transcendence and incarnation. My wife is also a physician, currently working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and we have three children.

“I applied to the GID program to provide community, mentorship, and accountability as I make a career transition. I’ve been a pediatrician for two decades, often to the neglect of my writing. It’s past time to embrace my calling, to restore some balance.”



Essays, reviews, and poetry published in Comment, Journal of Moral Theology, DoubleTake, The Other Journal, St. Anthony Messenger, among others. Samples of his online work can be found here:


Reclaiming the Body: Christians and the Faithful Use of Modern Medicine, (with Joel James Shuman) Brazos Press, February, 2006

Flesh Becomes Word: Poems. Dos Madres Press, In Press, 2013