Samuel Martin

New Generations in Dialogue Participant

Samuel Martin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English
Northwestern College

“I am a Canadian writer living and teaching in Iowa, with deep roots in northeastern Ontario and with strong ties to Newfoundland. I have studied with the Canadian Catholic novelist David Adams Richards and consider myself an “informal” student of the late American novelist John Gardner. He died a year before I was born but his idea that good fiction writing creates a vivid and continuous dream has helped shape my aims as a fiction writer and novelist.

“My hope is that participation in the GID program will allow me to more fully participate in and learn from Catholic religious, intellectual, and literary communities I know mainly through the writings of contemporary Catholic authors, like Richard Rohr, Richard Kearney, and Ron Hansen. I see participation in this program as an opportunity to deepen my historical knowledge of Catholic traditions, to grow as an artist and person of faith, and to improve my pedagogy as a teacher of creative writing. As a creative writing professor at a liberal arts Christian college, I want to be able to help my students both to hone their writing skills and to understand what it has meant, means, and can mean to be a writer in the Judeo-Christian tradition.”



Novel excerpts, short fiction, nonfiction, and reviews published in Image, Cuffer Anthology, The Telegram, Christian Courier, and Comment, among others. Samples of his online work include “Letter to a Young Writer” ( and “Running the Whale’s Back” (


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