What Happens Next? In the Logos of Love and Beyond

The hope of the conference organizers is to collect the most important ideas that emerge from conference discussions — both formal and informal — with the ultimate aim of publishing a volume that will allow us to share what we have learned and discussed with the wider world. To that end, we are asking all attendees (and cyber attendees!) to keep the following questions and any others that emerge from the free flow of ideas and conversations in mind:

  • What are the biggest challenges, or predicaments, that face Catholic intellectual life today?
  • What already existing resources are you aware of that can play a role in addressing these challenges and fulfilling the promise of the Catholic intellectual life?
  • What resources are still needed? What is required to support Catholic intelligence and imagination in all forms? What role can Catholic universities play?
  • Where do we lack the necessary structure to deal with these challenges? What clear next steps need to be defined in order to address them? For those existing structures, which are underused? Which could be used more effectively?
  • What should our next steps be? What possible interim projects will move us forward toward long-term goals?

We encourage all attendees to add to the sum of ideas over the course of the weekend!

If you’d like to share your views, email Una Cadegan (cadegan@udayton.edu) or any other member of the planning committee, or contact the Institute for additional ways to submit content.

We are working on a permanent web resource to house information about these ideas and resources. All participants will receive an email when it is completed in January 2014.


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