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Evangelicals and Catholics: Yesterday and Today

Leading Evangelical theologian and philosopher, Richard Mouw, explores the relationship between Catholics and Evangelicals in the United States, both past and present. [VIEW VIDEO...]

Religions and Homelessness High Level Roundtable

Over 50 religious and civic leaders, including Archbishop José H. Gómez, gathered to share ideas regarding the homelessness crisis and how their communities can provide practical aid. [VIEW VIDEO...]

Being American Muslims: A Conversation

CONDON LECTURE SERIES - A mother and son share their experience.

One World Trade Center: Beauty and Grace

CONDON LECTURE SERIES - Acclaimed author, historian and artist Judith Dupré explores the power of architecture through the lens of One World Trade Center. 

A Journey from Atheism to Catholicism

CONDON LECTURE SERIES - In 2012, writer, blogger, intellectual (she’s a graduate of Yale) and avowed atheist Leah Libresco stunned her readers by announcing she was converting to Catholicism.

Can We Be Good Without God

CONDON LECTURE SERIES - Mr. Bart Campolo, a secular humanist dedicated to helping people who do not believe in God live a full and meaningful life, will enter into a conversation with Fr. James Heft about whether believing in God makes a difference in how we live our lives.


October 2017

Good Without God?

Is it possible to be good without God? That was the question that I discussed last spring with the former Evangelical leader Bart Campolo, now an atheist. It was a cordial but pointed discussion between us.

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